2024 Jefferson County Qualified GOP CANDIDATES

Probate Judge, Place 1 - John Amari

Probate Judge, Place 2 - Joel R. Blankenship

Assistant Treasurer -  Delor Baumann

Assistant Tax Collector - Johnny Curry

Board of Education, Place 1 - Phillip Brown

Board of Education, Place 2 - Robert "Glenn" Durough

Constable, District 15 - Rod Honeycutt

Constable, District 15 - Larry Woods

Constable, District 16 - Joe Williams

Constable, District 44 - Stephen A. Moseley

Constable, District 45 - Tim Anders, Sr.

Constable, District 46 - Keith Hall

Constable, District 47 - Gilbert F. Douglas III

Constable, District 48 - Robert De Buys

Constable, District 51 - Ronnie Dixon

Constable, District 55 - Ken Gray Sr.



The Jefferson County Republican Party believes in respect for individual liberty and strongly promotes Freedom, Opportunity and Personal Responsibility. The Party believes this is best achieved through the election of qualified conservative candidates who promote responsible, accountable, and limited government. It is the Party’s objective to increase voter awareness and participation by informing, encouraging, and engaging voters while maintaining the highest standard of ethics in the political process.

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